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Medellín-based restaurant which offers healthy preparations using ingredients that were very carefully planted and harvested, from seed to crop.
Bites of happiness!
We have been working with Taller de Hierbas for a long time, starting from a new brand identity to almost all packaging and product labels, including a custom-made typeface designed for headings.
Juniper Labels
Say hi to Juniper´s new kids!
Taking inspiration from Los Angeles "the place where dreams come true" and its sunsets.
Catalán gained recognition in the consumers' minds as a premium brand, but over time, while products maintained their quality, the identity itself was diluted until it had no differentiation.
We created an identity that evokes the traditional “Vida del campo” and, at the same time, an actual but rooted look. A brand from a local origin made for the world.
"It isn't the garment; it is the hanger.!" was the trigger of this identity. This hanger is a synonym of good vibes. The attitude needed to fill our life with value. Meet our latest project case study.
Working together with Mule, invade design could identify that the purpose was beyond flags or origin. The actual purpose was to connect people to the aroma and the taste of an ethically grown coffee.
Label design, an eye on detail. Inspired by the English victorian style and the Elderflower + Citrus flavors.
CHEF BURGER | The power of a brand that believes in design.
People were invited to take the trip along with the concept's flavors, sounds, and colors. All a psychedelic experience! Read the case study and watch the full project by clicking on the work page.
Branding project with masculine gasoline. High speed, roads, and fire inspired us to develop the concept.
MAGDA ICE CREAM SHOP | From logic to magic
Let us introduce you to Heladería Magda, a Caribbean brand with a "Mágica tradición." Find out the story behind Magda.
MOSQUITO | Social Basement
Branding for a café brand opened from sunrise to sunset. The city's tropical weather is home of the Mosquito, and either you like it or not, this little fellow is in love with us humans, spreading their love from sunrise to sunset.
Branding for the all colored flag. Rebrand for a local urban clothing brand. We created a powerful concept based on the meaning of being free and modern liberation.
Understanding the spirit behind a product, a brand, or a campaign is one of the main challenges when it comes to giving an appearance to something that hasn't been designed yet.
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