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Bruna is a lingerie brand based in Medellin, utilizing its unapologetically casual garments as a means to express feminine sensuality. This distinctive approach sets it apart from numerous other lingerie brands in the city.


After a few years of growth and expansion, Bruna reached out to us with the main goal of solidifying the conceptual foundation of the brand. While the essence of the brand was clear in the mind of its creator, the lack of a documented expression made it challenging for the entire team to comprehend. To address this, we brought Yair Olarte on board, tapping into his expertise in the fashion industry, which proved highly relevant to the project.


Additionally, Bruna and her team aimed to revamp the brand. The initial logo selection had been a spontaneous exercise, sparking a desire for a more thorough redesign to enhance its adaptability across textiles, print, and stores. Moreover, there was an intention to boost the brand's perception through refined art direction for photos and graphic elements. This was prompted by occasional comments suggesting that the brand had, at times, been perceived as vulgar.

So we set out on our mission, and after thorough exploration, crafted a logo featuring robust custom typography. The goal was to authentically capture the personality of the brand. The serifs evoke luxury and elegance, while the high contrasts speak to the various shades of femininity, acknowledging its fluctuation according to mood—some days flirty and romantic, others a little simpler, some days strong, and others a bit more delicate.


Part of the exercise also involved clearly and rigorously establishing the correct use and appropriate dimensions of the logo at different points of contact, ensuring a solution to some of the problems previously expressed by the client. Finally, human skin served as the inspiration for the color palette, symbolizing nudity and sensuality.



Brand Redesign

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