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Beyer is the name of this craft beer brand, and it's also the surname of a close friend of the studio who has been with us for several years, collaborating on packaging projects for various brands.


Some time ago, Federico from @navedepapel, or Fede as we affectionately call him, approached us with the challenge of creating a brand identity for a beer project that had started as a hobby but now, and thanks to an unexpected family discovery, he had decided to take very  seriously.


It turns out that while dusting off some old family documents, Fede stumbled upon the coincidence that in 1872, his Polish-German grandfather Eduard Beyer had turned this same hobby into a brewery in Leobschütz, located in southwestern Poland. This discovery was the motivation for the project and the starting point for our design team.

Projects with such unique and inspiring stories don't come to the studio every day. So, understanding the importance of respecting its origins and considering the current Latin context, we envisioned a brand concept for this project that already had a rich history but also needed a fresh path to be reborn and move forward.



Brand identity

Label design


Tone of voice

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