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Praga Salon is one of the most well-recognized beauty salon in Colombia. Since its opening, Praga has been the go-to place for the most influential individuals and those who truly care about their hair. As the business grows and achieves success, competition emerges, making differentiation crucial. Fortunately, Praga is a well-established business, so our challenge was to extract and expand the elements that make them unique. Collaborating with the Praga team, we created a high-end brand that conveys their extensive knowledge and experience, translating into reliability for their customers.The new branding was launched with the renovated salon in Bogotá, followed by Medellín and Cali.

Hair color holds great significance at Praga; they take it very seriously, utilizing techniques and high-quality products refined over the years. However, all that expertise means nothing without a skilled stylist.

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