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Vibes is a Colombian brand dedicated to create sustainable beauty products with dermatologically proven formulations specialized in the care of Latin skin.


Since its early stages, the brand managed to position itself in the market through its current best-selling line, Rose Vibes. Also, their bold and authentic way of communicating put them in the spotlight and quickly brought them closer to skincare fans.

Then, as the brand grew and matured, some drawbacks emerged. Primarily, the fact that the quality and the studies behind the product formulations were not being perceived by the consumer due to the appearance of the packaging and labeling. 


All this led to a big challenge for the brand: to pause and redefine the direction of it. And our challenge? Well, our challenge was one that we set with the Vibes team altogether, which consisted of rigorously reviewing what had been established, organizing, refreshing the essential aspects of the brand's identity and establishing guidelines for the design of future products.

During the process, we internalized the DNA of Vibes but there was a fear among us of losing sight of the identity that had characterized the brand so much in the packaging. This is why, together with Vibes’ team, we decided to focus our efforts on transporting the feeling of the packaging to the product boxes, reflecting the fresher and more intrepid side of the brand while increasing the more scientific and expert aspect of the brand in the bottles and collapsibles. 


In addition to all of the above, we retouched their logo, created a logosymbol and designed a visual system for each of the product lines.



Brand Architecture

Brand Refresh


Visual System

3D Videos & Still / E-commerce: Cubo studio

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